While the hobo bag is a laid-back yet practical fashion piece, for a more professional or somewhat conservative environment, the Satchel is the answer you seek. It is generally more structured and offers better support for its contents and reduces the possibility of their spillage.

Owing to the unisex nature of satchels, they’re mostly available in neutral colors although colorful options are available for the more adventurous lovers of satchel bags. They come in all sizes with twin-handles and a flat base.


When it comes to the fabric used by designers in making satchels, the structured aesthetic is considered. This means that satchels can be made from canvas, in which case the designer has to have it expertly done to avoid fraying. Another possible fabric is cotton blended with another material such as polyester or even denim! Leather satchels are also a favorite amongst satchel lovers.

The man’s satchel can be contrasted from its feminine counterpart in that it is generally a modification of a brief case with one long strap and is not really structured.

Fashionites-Satchels You might be wondering what’s so interesting about satchels. Well, read on..

To add vitality and exciting detail to your look, go for the satchels that have some interesting detail going on. For starters, you might want to opt for one whose texture is divine. The quilted soft-feel satchel is one option. That most satchels come in one color doesn’t mean it’s the end of the rainbow adventure. While choosing, you can go for a satchel with accents of color splashed on, or one in a block hue but with a stylish band of gold or silver or something equally conspicuous.

dayglow satchels for fashionites

The satchels currently trending have detachable shoulder straps and this adds on to your options when it comes to the carrying aspect. Using the twin-straps might work for that professional look while the shoulder strap could give you a more relaxed stance. This will be your absolute delight when you opt for a satchel with a chain-trim finish or a faux metal (of course sparkly) detail for the simple reason that this satchel will take you through your professional part of the day to the casual evening bit flawlessly.


Another exciting fact about the satchel is the expansion angle. You can get a satchel that’s one inch thick but expands for up to a thickness of three inches or more. This is especially handy for the day you need to fit in more items in your hand bag without foregoing the glamor and elegance.

The satchel makes for a wonderful gift to a loved one, and even more exciting is the fact that you can sew the satchel yourself! This is obviously reserved for either people with some experience in the area or the quick learners. If you settle on a great fabric and color, the results could be astoundingly positive! If not, fashion stores stock satchels by the dozens. Good luck!