Dating back to the 1940s when the release of L.L. Bean’s Boat Bag in 1944 caused a fashion frenzy to the 60s when the tote bag embraced personal style with Bonnie Cashin releasing her own stylish and functional Cashin Carry Tote Bags, this is one statement that has stood the test of time.

Totes didn’t become a universally accepted and commonplace trend, however, until Kate Spade started carrying them as fashion items in the 90s which transformed how the world viewed totes.qlow-220px-Burberry_handbag

Totes come in various colors and designs. When it comes to the fabric used in making this fabulous piece, it may vary but the general idea is to have fabric that will withstand time, harsh weather conditions and still be in tandem with the practical angle for which totes are designed. Most designers go for tough canvas, which may be aesthetically enhanced with dye and gets treated to keep the mold at bay.   Another traditional material, though less popular, is jute. In recent decades, designers have ventured on and experimented with other fabrics, such as heavy nylon. This fabric, though, easy to maintain, poses the threat of wear and tear from too much exposure to the sun, as is common with most nylon items. Today, the vast majority of totes are made from recyclable matter and other bio-friendly fabrics. The environment loves totes as well!

As regards to the functionality aspect of the tote, there are no interior or exterior pockets. It is made to “tote” (carry) things around, especially while shopping or traveling. And in all honesty, which one of us doesn’t want to look stylish yet have a practical bag?


The tote is now an elegant and glamorous fashion item, coming in diverse dazzling sizes, patterns, shapes, designs and colors. Totes in the current fashion regime are made out of the bio-friendly gorgeous fabric laced with weave or gold details. The finishing touch is grazed with embroidery, paint or sometimes mirror work. Each piece is beautifully unique in itself and this makes the diversity and variety domain flood with endless choices for totes, available in so many lovely designs.



The variety arena has had quite the expansion in recent times, with the totes being made in various designs, even reversible, and with detachable matching zip pouches which add more to the allure of the tote. The new age tote also has a zipped compartment within it to add more to the functional factor. Leather totes coming in soft, neutral colors and may have a cool raw-edged look and the tassel attached which adds texture.

The current favorite of the voguish and stylish elite is the leather tote with three compartments – one zipped, which is a practical one for work. The unusual chrome hardware and respective designers’ signature shell on the lining, give it some stylish distinctive features. There are new versions and trendy modifications emerging every day.


If you feel like you need to look elegant and still have your knitting wool with you at all times, the knitting tote is your best bet. Totes come dazzling and for all functions, be they diaper bags, shopping bags, picnic bags, travel bags, beach bags, vanity bags, evening bags, laptop bags or even coupon bags. The exciting possibilities are limitless.

Owing to this multifaceted nature of the stylish tote, it would be the perfect birthday, graduation or mother’s day gift, or any other befitting occasion. Now you know what to get into that fashion store and ask for in anticipation of mothers’ day.