2016 has seen an explosion of novel fashion statements. From celebrities to common public, everybody is flaunting pieces too outré for the past. Chokers, for instance, have taken the fashion world by storm and continue doing so. We won’t be surprised if they remember it as ‘The Year of the Choker’ or something!

Here’s a little insight into each of these fresh trends.

Casual tiaras are making it to your wardrobes

Tiaras are casual now


Tiaras have been around for a very, very long time. Heck, they’re featured in fairytales that begin with “Once upon a time (a long, long time ago)” and end with “happily ever after”. A diamond tiara has been an object of fantasy for girls all around the world, much like the wedding dress.

Of late, we have witnessed women taking to the streets, walking to their offices while rocking a tiara. Is this trend gonna catch on? Or is it another in an endless list of fads that die out sooner than they bloom?

The answer truly depends on whether you CAN flaunt one. Wearing a tiara everyday is certainly not unheard of or bizarre anymore. So it all comes down to how you like to dress and what you prefer to flaunt.

Chokers are evolving fast

Chokers are evolving fast



One thing is undeniable, chokers are in and they’re here to stay. If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon, try to keep up! Chokers are so in that opinions already differ on HOW you should show them off, how to detail them and what to wear with them! The latest trend is to go minimalistic.

Chokers have had an illustrious history. From being associated with aristocracy to being a symbol of prostitution and a mark of ownership, chokers have always told stories in the past. This time around though, chokers are part of the boldest statement jewelry in vogue.

Ear jackets are here to stay

Hot, luxe and selling like hotcakes – ear jackets

Ear Jackets

After the rave that oversized hoops brought along as well as the rising popularity of ear cuffs, 2016 has yet more in store for ear jewelry enthusiasts – the ear jacket. Ear jackets are the hottest trend this season. Truth be told, this innovative jewelry style hasn’t caught on quite as much yet, but if expert predictions are anything to go by, ear jackets are the next big thing. While we can’t be entirely sure about how long everyday tiaras are going to hold their ground, we feel pretty confident that ear jackets will catch on and stay for a long, long time. After all, it’s too cool a trend to simply pass us by. Expect to see major brand names come out with their ear jackets collection soon.

Do you think tiaras, chokers and ear jackets are going to make it to your wardrobe any time soon? Let us know in the comments below