There were only a handful of shows on the agenda before the crowds could  disperse. Louis Vuitton was scheduled to start in the morning at the palatial Fondation Louis Vuitton in the Bois de Boulogne. Vuitton always trucks in a handful of its favorite starlets. Alicia Vikander, the Swedish actress, Vuitton campaign star, and newly minted Oscar winner was expected here.

Guests packed into the Fondation Louis Vuitton to kick off the last day of Paris Fashion Week with Nicolas Ghesquière’s show for the house. Considering the Final Fantasy trip he took last season, and his documented love of all things sci-fi and tech, this show felt a bit more rooted in the present. For one thing, it managed to fancify two of our favorite wardrobe staples: oversized sweatshirts (which he updated with body-sculpting geometric patterns) and classic lace-up hiking boots. It was a win for casual dressers everywhere.

But all eyes were on house-face and newly minted Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander, who looked chicly ready for the Paris boulevards in a navy trench and oxfords.

Photo: Dominique Charriau/Getty Images

It was refreshing to see a front-row celebrity wearing a regular daytime outfit to a morning show, as opposed to straining 10 a.m. credulity in a cocktail dress.”

The show opened with the Pre-Raphaelite redhead Natalie Westling stomping her way down the runway. The classy move ushered in the most captivating fashion event.


For fashion stars, a stylish look is never complete with a magnificent fashionable bag. The ever posh Louis Vuitton bags were well coordinated with the outfits on the runway. All types of bags which spoke class and functionality were featured. The bags are versatile and can easily be incorporated in daily wear by the modern woman.

Photo: Dominique Charriau/Getty Images

For Now 2For Now

An amazing ensemble of bags with a touch of pizzazz!!

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