Denim is tied into the Rock 'n' Roll culture.

Denim is the fabric of rock, and roll, and everything in between. A staple of freedom and style since Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis invented the blue jeans in late 19th century; the denim was adopted as the favourite child of rock and roll fashion in the ‘50s. Enjoying tremendous popularity ever since, the jeans has become an icon of free-thought and equality.

What’s the latest buzz in street wear? Well you guessed it – denim! After years and years, denim still remains the fabric of choice in casual wear.

So, in keeping with the spirit of denim, here are a few ideas to spruce up your jeans department:

Old is cool

Before you throw away your old classic pair of trousers, consider giving them a new life. Not many styles of denim truly go into “hell no” territory (except maybe the bell-bottoms, and hopefully very skinny jeans once that fad is over!). There is nothing wrong with a good pair of ‘90s ripped jeans.

Custom embroidery

Now this is a relatively new trend for women that should catch on quickly. You can get your pair of denim trousers embroidered with any design you want! Hot areas for embroidery include back pockets and along the seam at the bottom.

Two words, denim accessories

Yup, accessorize! Denim jackets? Well, they’ve been around for a while. Denim shoes, denim vests, denim bags, denim hats, denim briefs – denim as a fabric is no longer exclusive to jeans and trousers. We even heard of denim-lined wallets for men some time ago. Denim is taking the next step in fabric evolution, and we are looking forward to it!

Unorthodox pairing

Pairing the eternally casual blue jeans with a rich velvet jacket works elegantly. If you’re going for a semi-formal look, you can team your jeans up with a nice semi-formal blazer; and if you do it carefully, you can easily pull off wearing a good pair of jeans with a suit jacket that fits. No pairing is too outré for well-fitting denim trousers.


Can’t seem to get enough of denim in your wardrobe? We don’t blame you ‘cause neither can we.