For the longest time, pendants have been gifted to special people on special occasions or passed down as precious family heirlooms. A pendant can be any precious gemstone cast in some precious metal and dangles by way of a loop attached to a piece such as a necklace or an earring.

In our fashion discourse here, we’ll focus on the pendant necklaces and the various available types.

When it comes to gifting, lockets have been a favorite through the years. It is a special form of pendant that will usually consist of the centre piece opening up to reveal a slot inside where most people prefer to input special photographs. Lockets can be designed in various forms, shapes and sizes; ranging from love heart shapes, round shapes or even star-shaped pieces.


Medallions are also a vintage kind of pendant that is worn to serve various purposes, be it aesthetics, religious symbolism or any personal significance.

Amulets are also worn for specific purposes and are quite comely.

Cameos have had a great impact on modern day pendants, with a great deal of the designs and carvings on today’s pendant borrowing from the breathtaking cameo pendants.In today’s fashion arena, there have been exciting alterations and modifications to the pendant with astoundingly beautiful results. The less elaborate pieces will feature a single pendant consisting of one eye-catching gem stone or the other. Rubies, emerald, sapphires, a bold Pearl or even diamond (colored or otherwise) are loved by designers to make a distinct statement.


Then there are the bolder pieces that will be literally studded with pendants in a detailed and ostentatious arrangement. Usually there will be a specific style applied in this glamorous fusion of being, perhaps with the pendants arranged with some respect to their size or color.

The set of the pendant also has an important bearing on the appearance and even value attached to the pendant. We can’t have an expensive and glamorous diamond set in an inferior metal plate as this just steals all the thunder from the precious stone.

Other than the central gem piece, pendants have also been designed in structurally more different ways. A popular pendant in the current fashion world is the cross. The cross can be designed using precious metal, such as gold or silver or the dull vintage options. Some of these cross pendants are plain while others are studded with little sparkly stones within the two mini shafts.


In addition, other materials have been used to make equally dashing pendants, such as colored glass or spectacularly carved wood. These are designed and set in labyrinthine backgrounds that make them just as fabulous as the gem stone pendants.