Contrary to the popular yet misplaced gender stereotype as far as footwear is concerned, men love shopping themselves some shoes too. As much as the shirt and cologne a man is wearing at any given time, his shoes will also give a glimpse of his fashion taste.

Shoe designers and retailers all alike are not oblivious to this and as such keep their male clients spoilt for choice. There are many types of shoes available in the market.

Here’s a list of the ones you shouldn’t miss in your wardrobe:


Fashionitas -loafers

This is a must-have for every guy who wants that genial pseudo-formal look for work or just that usual routine. Loafers are that versatile shoe that will look great with all your favorite outfits, be it your casual jeans, khaki pants, shorts or just about any look you go for. In addition to being stylish and charming, loafers are also very comfy and ideal for daily routines. They come in leather or other fabrics, with denim finding its way into the popular isle of fashion. The loafers come in plain leather designs, others have tassels, buckles or any other details to add some masculine urbane touch to the look.

2. Casual Street Sneakers


This is the all-time sturdy and reliable favorite of the sneaker lot. For that quick dash to the garage or the supermarket or game with the boys, the old school Adidas are a perfect choice. Comfortable, stylish and casual, these sneakers will give you the same exact look!

3. Work Boots


Sole traction is something every man should concern himself with. Protection of the toes as well as stability for your ankles are all equally vital concerns. The shoe that will ensure all of the above?  Work boots! They’re warm, comfy and keep your feet safe from all the elements out to get them. Dropping the wheel spanner accidentally on your toes doesn’t need to have you in the emergency room all the time with fractured toes. In addition, these look distinguish in a masculine and charming way.

4. Gym Sneakers

Gym sneakers - fashionites

It just won’t do if you have all these classy and expensive shoes and outfits if you don’t have the body to match. Lose the paunch!  It gives you the confidence and machismo you need as everyday armor. Hit the running tracks or the gym. Your colleagues at work will organize a sporty team building activity and you can’t show up in polished mocs and sweatpants. Gym sneakers are a must-have for every man. They come in all designs, colors and materials. So you have no excuse.

There are very many other types of shoes for the guys, serving a different function and giving different looks. Depending on what you do with yourself most of the time or what look you’d like to achieve, the store racks overflow with endless options. So guys, invest in classy footwear and stand out.