Statistically speaking, we spend most of our waking hours at work. It’s, therefore, no wonder that successful and renowned designers have ventured into the suiting arena, and with a bang no less. If you feel confident and well put together, it automatically shows in your general demeanor.

Put on a well-tailored, perfectly fitting suit and you’re well on your way to feeling this amazing ooze of confidence. However, we can’t ignore that suiting is a tricky affair when it comes to shopping. How do you choose the fabric that suits the purpose for which you want the suit and the season?  How do you go about the color and cut business?

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To start with, it cannot be emphasized enough that the best way to have your suits tailored is meticulously and expertly. Do not settle for an uncertain professional who isn’t confident or experienced.

Then when it comes right down to it, the fabric that you select has a huge bearing on your ultimate outfit. The most popular fabric currently is wool, owing to its aesthetic and texture properties. You have to be extremely careful when selecting the fabric as this will be the determining factor in how classy you look.

Suitings- Fashionites

For other more casual occasions, you can opt for a cashmere blend as it adds a sheen to your suit and this is a vivacious look for a bolder statement.

The one advantage wool has over cotton is the fact that the former is wrinkle-free while cotton tends to crease more easily.

Because wool is likely to be a tad costly, it’s blended with other synthetic fibers such as polyester. This helps to make the fabric more affordable while still looking classy.

Still on the fabric, the weight of the fabric is a pivotal fact in settling for a perfect fabric for your suit. A professional designer will know how to advise you on this, or your personal tailor going about the business of making you look dashing and elegant. For the wool fabric, the weight you settle on should have in consideration the purpose and the season. You don’t want to cruise through summer with thick, stifling woolen suits. No matter how dressy and expensive they may look, you might end up with a heat stroke or even worse, with bewildered stares being directed your way. Lightweight fabric is ideal for the warmer weather.

Another trend gaining momentum is the linen fabric for suits. These are porous and sufficiently breathable, making them perfect for warmer weather. However, in addition to being susceptible to creases, linen also stains with ease and also calls for constant dry cleaning for maintenance of its shape and crisp look. Linen suits are a perfect choice for a more casual setting, especially based on the color of the suit.