By a show of hands, who doesn’t own a pair of jeans? (Counts all zero of you)

What does your grandpa love to wear while going fishing?  And your mom? What does she wear to the beauty parlor every other Sunday?  And of course, yourself! When all else fails and you have to meet your classmates at the coffee shop to have that final discussion, you grab what seems most logical, simple yet stylish: one of your numerous pairs of jeans.


That is the one thing that fashion has accepted and adopted into its timeless and ageless domain. Jeans are available in all types, cuts and names, based on the fabric content and the tailoring involved in designing them. There’s no concern whatsoever regarding the gender issue as jeans are a favorite amongst all genders and all ages as well. However, this shouldn’t be taken to mean that all types of jeans are perfect for all persons. As is the case with most fashion pieces, body type is key when selecting outfits best suited for any particular individual.


Another set of factors that should guide you is how you feel in a specific pair. Jeans should essentially make you feel great and still comfortable. For the purposes of looking amazing, put into account the cut of the jeans. If you want a flexible pair that you can wear with pretty much anything, go for the normal cut jeans. For a casual yet classy pair, you might want to try the straight-cut jeans. How do you establish whether it’s straight cut? You simply fold the ankle part of the jeans over all the way to the knee area. If the two parts appear to be of approximately the same circumference, then you have your straight-cut jeans.


For those who prefer a snug and tight-fitting pair of jeans but would not be much comfortable in skinny jeans, slim jeans are the perfect solution. Then for the lovers of boots, the boot-cut jeans are a perfect choice.

The crotch area of the jeans should also be a key consideration when purchasing jeans. It should be in tandem with your crotch, anatomically speaking. This avoids scenarios where the pants are too big or top tight at the crotch, neither of which is a flattering image.

When it comes to the color, one is at liberty to choose any color, depending on what they intend to couple the jeans with. White jeans can be worn with colorful tops, as is the case with dark wash jeans. Blue jeans can be coupled with tops of any color or pattern, as they’re neutral.


Finally, the rise of the jeans is also a crucial aspect when shopping. If you’re a person of shorter stature, low-rise jeans will work perfectly for you. People with average stature should opt for middle-rise jeans as they’ve been designed to have the waistband as close as possible to your actual waist. Then the current trend that has every woman swooning is the high-waisted jeans. This gives a touch of class, elegance, glamor and that long leg which is the dream of every woman. Couple these with a comfortable pair of heels and you’re about ready to conquer the world.