What happens when you feel on a particularly sunny day the urge to skip out into the sunshine, dressed like the casual sunshine itself and still take your wallet, your cell phone, your sunnies, your swimsuit and a makeup kit? You cannot pull out your most official, somewhat rigid handbag and throw all your valuables in it. That would most definitely contrast the look, and not in a very flattering way.

In comes the stylish, soft, comely and convenient hobo. Deriving its name from its uncanny resemblance to the animated depiction of a hobo’s suspended brindle, the hobo is made from ductile, gelatinous fabrics. The commonest fabric used in the making of this stylish bag is cloth. This gives it a cushiony look and texture. Hobos are usually designed to have one strap and they’re slung over the shoulder or across the midriff, giving the carrier a casual yet bonny look. Because of this particular aspect of its designing, the hobo is one type of the popular and trendy sling bags. The straps are usually sturdy to accommodate the functionality of the bag. It can either be sewn onto the bag, especially the ones made from the cloth fabric, or attached onto the sides with sparkly latches made of sturdy metal.


The fact that hobos are usually made from cloth makes the designs, colors, and patterns that much easier to imprint on them. Ankara print on the hobos is all the rage in the current fashion regime. Of course, cloth is not the only fabric used to make hobos, and in fact, the popular trend is soft leather. This is also color -variant and adds on to the bright and striking look of the hobo bags. Bold patterns can be imprinted on the hobos, splashes of color and on occasion even text motifs that bring the laid-back yet undeniable style in the hobo.



As much as one has many options when it comes to the size, the more popular size is large. So most designers make somewhat big hobos. This is mostly because most carriers of hobos do so not just for the classy look attached to it but also for functionality. It makes it a lot easier to put in valuable items such as jewelry, cell phones, keys and such details. The sling design also goes a long way in complementing that function as they’re easy to carry around and manage.



Hobos are also pretty easy to maintain and clean. They’re not austere and inflexible and are thus easily washable. Even more exciting is the fact that hobos aren’t a special preserve for the ladies and all things feminine. Some designers make hobos especially for men, others for the ladies and some are even so adventurous as to make unisex ones.



Because bags are a little outer glimpse of our personalities or our feelings at the moment, on a casual day when you feel particularly easy-going and happy-go-lucky, strap that hobo on and strut it!