Any lover of high-end fashion will agree that Gucci is definitely one of those designer brands that you associate with exquisite products, ranging from men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, jewellery and designer perfumes.
It was founded by Italian designer Guccio Gucci in 1921, initially designing luxury leather travel bags and accessories. He was driven by excellence and always hired the best workmanship as the house of Gucci grew into a family business with his sons getting on board.

You will instantly recognize this prestigious fashion brand by the double G intertwined logo representing the founder’s initials or the green, red and black colors that boldly spell out elegance, luxury, and quality.
Having gained popularity over the decades, Gucci boasts of numerous achievements and is without a doubt the highest selling Italian brand.


This dynamic fashion brand cuts across all ages and children can also step out in style and elegance, with the Gucci kidswear line, that was introduced in 2010.Jennifer Lopez and her twins Emme and Max were the face of the kidswear collection, and many celebrity kids have not been left out of this lavish trend.


Celebrities are known to make fashion statements, donning expensive designer pieces that are expected to make heads turn, and even leave a lasting memory with breathtaking fragrances. Gucci is no exception and you are always assured of spotting celebrated personalities rocking a Gucci piece on exclusive red carpet and Hollywood events, fashion shows Or just running errands on a normal day. Country and pop music sensation Faith Hill, signed with Coty to create her own signature fragrance but prefers to wear her numerous collection of Gucci fragrances.

Hollywood award-winning actor, Brad Pitt, known for his extravagant lifestyle has been spotted wearing Gucci on prestigious events like the 17th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards where he wore a Gucci Marseille tuxedo.
His equally iconic wife, Angelina Jolie is another face of Gucci. She looked stunning in a black and white strapless lace gown courtesy of Gucci.

From Rihanna to the perennially dazzling Salma Hayek, and the power couple that is Jay Z and Beyoncé, this irresistible brand is a celebrity choice that has proved to be practical off the runway.

Being a highly acknowledged brand in the fashion industries, imitation products flood the market. Let’s take an example of every woman’s favorite, the handbag. A replica Gucci handbag can be so close to the real deal to be spotted out. The Logo and colors may look so appealing to tell it apart.


However, here are some few tips that could come in handy when choosing that desired fashion statement.

  • Look out for the inside label with the GUCCI brand name, the words ‘made in Italy’ and a circled R, centered perfectly.
  • An authentic bag should have firm, straight, neat, perfectly done stitches.
  • Look out for the font size, and shape.

Well, we all want a taste of the finer things in life, don’t we?