Other than pendants with some sentimental value attached to them, bracelets are the other jewelry pieces that are known to be fastened onto our wrists forever. Most of us have had at one point or another (maybe even now) that special bracelet that’s synonymous with us. That bedazzled and a glorious little piece of beauty that never leaves our wrists.

This bracelet trend dates back to the vast ages when the ancient Egyptians realized that stones, wood, and bones could be used for other purposes other than to carve out sculptures, light fires, and scare people. Artifacts unearthed from back then reveal bracelets worn for various purposes.

Today, there is a great many bracelet types to choose from, depending on what exactly you’re looking for.

  1. Bangles

img-thing (1)These are also known as bangle bracelets and they’re smooth jewelry pieces which can also be stone-set. This adornment with tiny dollops of precious stones gives bangles a stylish finish. Most people prefer to wear more than one bangle because of the glorious clink they make when they come into contact with each other. In some traditions, thin bangles in silver or gold are put on young children and they look just adorable.


  1. Charm bracelets

BN-CS675_copyca_GR_20140509130754These are a very popular kind, especially because the various pieces comprising of the bracelets, such as trinkets have some significance in the life of the wearer. Charm bracelets have been designed to have the florid charm pendants hanging from the bracelet trunk over the years but the Italian type of Charm bracelets has brought on a different design. For these ones, the trinkets are fused onto the stem of the bracelet.


  1. Beaded bracelets


We cannot talk bracelets without including these beauteous lot. The absolutely fabulous thing about beaded bracelets is that you can have them custom made to incorporate all colors, designs or even subtle messages you desire on them. These make for a fantastic perennial piece to adorn your wrist.


  1. Link Bracelets

img-thing (2)These are made by intertwining a comely jewelry motif with another in a magnificent swoosh either using gemstones or plated metals and sometimes even both!

  1. Sports Bracelets


These are more commonly known as wristbands and are made using silicone rubber availed in various colors. They’re especially popular for purposes of raising or creating awareness or having a campaign for any particular subject.

Of course, there are many other types of bracelets you can choose from, and your choice would depend on the purposes for which you want that bracelet. In any case, the right bracelet can add a touch of elegance and vitality to an otherwise bland look.