What exactly rings a bell in your mind when you hear of baguette? “French bread”, right?  I know! You’re not alone.

One of the most popular looks in the fashion world is the French belle. Designers haven’t disappointed us on that front. We have the flat ballet shoes to push that look a notch higher, the ‘Frenchy’ stripped shirt and now the baguette! Who did this for us? The brand responsible for our glee at this juncture is none other than CYAN- the Ukrainian-based sought after brand.

There are hundreds of versions of the baguette, one of which is the literal baguette for carrying your bread.So you weren’t so wrong after all when you heard bread. The baguette is a bag designed for just that! It is the sophisticated bag in which you carry your freshly baked loaf of French bread. How amazing is that?


We all want a baguette bag now. Let’s look at its properties first:

Baguettes are made mainly using cotton fabrics, which only makes sense, although they do have an inner layer that reportedly makes the shell of your loaf of bread stronger.The baguette is shaped like bread, a fabulous and unique look that is also telling of the fun-loving nature of the carrier and even the designer.

Fashionites- Baguettes

Even more exciting, is the fact that the baguette has a strap, and you can therefore carry it like a backpack or just strap it on and skip across town with your bread safely tucked inside this little fashion piece. This means that the baguette won’t be interrupting your activities really, as you can just strap it on and forget about it! Then you can focus on arranging your French bangs or the bun atop your head or any other French-like activity that will go a long way in aiding your French look.

The baguette was introduced to the public in 2013, and it gained quite some popularity with the masses. It’s still here, hopefully for a long time to come. Other designers have taken up the baguette business and the foodies who also love their fashion couldn’t be happier.

Of course there are a few alterations to the baguette so that it doesn’t look so much like bread but more like a small, stylish bag. The Fendi baguette is a common favorite amongst the fashionable and glamorous folks.


This gives you options when you’re shopping for baguettes. If you want one for your bread, CYAN and friends have you covered. If you’re going the glitzy way, Fendi and like designers are your go-to haven. This latter version of the baguette is a nifty, fashion piece that can be tucked under your arm to complete that look of elegance. It derives its name from this mode of rocking it, as that is exactly how the French bread is carried. The baguette in all its elegant glory has become one of the most popular bags in the world for years.