Some days are better than others. But even on your worst day, look good!  And how better to look fabulous than by rocking that pair of denim shorts you’ve been saving up for a special summer day?

Bottoms are an essential part of our look in its entirety and a flattering pencil skirt can be the ultimate difference between a fashion faux pas and an absolute pass. Depending on the occasion and other like factors, here’s a list of fabulous bottoms to choose from.

  1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are all the rage and understandably so. This is a priceless piece of fashion that’s form-fitting and designed to accentuate your figure. They come in various details, washes, and colors. Picking out and wearing skinny jeans is an exhilarating adventure, as there’s any number of possibilities to choose from. They come in various types, high-waisted,flared ripped or distressed.


When selecting the perfect pair, it’s not just the body type but the envisioned look that should be considered. Ladies with more muscular thighs and ankles, for example, might want to try the flared skinny jeans, as it gives the legs that silhouette of graceful length.


Leggings are every woman’s best friend in all their forms, colors, and designs. They’re versatile bottoms that will go exquisitely well with just about any fashion look. The choice pool is flooded with options ranging from plain solid colors, bright trendy patterns to more sophisticated lace and jewel designs. They come in many types with the ankle and calf length leggings being quite the popular trend. Stirrups are best worn when hidden in boots or dressy shoes that cover most of the foot, and they’re a favorite of people who experience problems with leggings riding up. Perfect solution here! Not to mention that it works wonders for the protruding- tummy problem!


The fabric could be anything from warm wool for cooler weather, cotton ones for everyday use, and even decorative lace leggings for a more risqué look.

3. The Elegant- Maxi Skirt


Let’s talk sunshine, petals and a swirl of beauty and rainbows. You have the maxi skirt to embody that and more. This glamorous piece of fashion comes in countless styles. It could be pleated, with a slit, pattern, solid colors and of course that flare that is just enthralling! Coupled with a crop top and some optional layering, there’s no denying that this is a sunny, alluring look that you want for a weekend engagement.

4. Cigarette Pants


These appear to be the trendy, fashionable and extremely comfortable kin of the leggings. Cigarette pants are tailored cropped bottoms that get to ankle length and give a touch of class, especially when worn with a comfy pair of heels. These can come in various designs as well, the most popular being the high-waisted with the soft-touch crepe. These tailored designs and cropped cuts channel that somewhat tomboy look, buy proper accessories in addition to the prints and patterns goes a long way in softening the look. These look especially chic on the leggy ladies and give the illusion of daddy-long-legs to the petite damsels.

5. Wide -Leg Pants


This is definitely the fabulous look to rock during warm weather and all seasons summer. Wide-leg pants favor the ladies with long legs, although it looks fantastic on the shorter ladies as well, worn with a comfy pair of heels or wedges. The heels to avoid with these pants are the sharp-pointed toe kind. Go for the thick wedges or that pair of thick-strap heels you’ve been looking forward to all winter. Shorter ladies should avoid too much flare although the key is in getting a flare just wide enough to conceal the shoes. A balance needs to be struck here. But don’t fidget too much ladies; experiment until you feel fabulous. Once you identify the perfect pair of flowing and fabulous palazzo pants, your confidence will do a victory dance.