Aren’t kids lucky these days! The fashion industry is abuzz with children’s lines to match almost everything available for the adults. From little purses to mini leggings and fancy tops to junior suspenders and adorable size two loafers, kids have it awesome!

Don’t be left behind with this baby fashion wave. The shoe department has certainly not lagged. For both boys and girls, there are numerous shoe types to choose from.

The sandals, especially flat ones are somewhat unisex.Have you seen anything cuter that a three-year-old little man rocking shorts with his chubby feet stuffed into brown leather sandals? And the girl sandals, divine! The point of divergence is usually in the coloring for both sandals and sneakers and even little boots.

Sandals - Fashionites

Most girl shoes will have girly colors like pink or the royal purple and such hues while for the boys, most designers go the neutral way or with the softer hues like blue or green. When buying shoes for your young ones, it’s advisable to consider the same factors you would if you were shopping for your own shoes. Comfort is perhaps the most important factor for kids. Don’t burden your four-year-old with a bulky or high pair of shoes, however, pretty they might be. Some kids are also averse to having anything in between their toes. So the flip flops adopting the slipper-style might be out of the question if you have kids like that.

The fabric used to make the shoes is also very important. This is dependent on the age of course, with the younger ones requiring very comfortable shoes so cloth with leather soles are a wonderful option. Keep of hard and rigid footwear that may likely pinch and bruise your kids’ feet.


Of course, some fun details are added on to kids’ shoes to make them more age-appropriate. Kids will always be kids and go for the more colorful and whimsical choices. Designers consider this and will give you a vast sea of options, from lights to ribbons to sparkly buckles, flowers or polka dots as an alluring addition to appealing to the kids.

If you’d like to be more in keeping with the times, you can also buy the different types of shoes available for kids as well. There are crocs that every kid loves, Next which will be perfect trainers for your little ones, Clarks which are available in different colors and exciting details and so forth.


For the casual shoes that your youngster will spend their days out in the yard in, go for dull colors which make cleaning easier. Feel free to pick out louder and bolder colors for the dressier shoes.

It’s also better to get shoes that don’t make wearing a long and tedious activity. Slipons are preferred for the daily wear. Save the intricate lace designs for occasionally and traveling especially if your youngsters like to toss their shoes every which way. Fastened by places, it’ll be harder for them to come off and they’ll be safer. Isn’t that what parenting is all about. Hitting two birds with one stone?