Guest Blogging Guidelines and Policies. is a fashion blogging platform which offers a thriving opportunity for guest posters capable of blogging on fashion and jewelry.
We would love to hear from writers willing to contribute their thoughts, dimensions and perspectives on various fashion and jewelry niches. This is an opportunity for writers, fashion stars, models and any persons interested in blogging on fashion to earn while blogging in their area of interest.
Our blog not only pays you for blogging, it offers an excellent platform to make connections with hundreds of unique visitors and expand your online visibility and social network. We have thus prepared these guidelines as a way of setting some rules for those who are interested in contributing
Our Audience
Our readers are mostly people interested in fashion products, trending designs, and people who love and understand beauty, art and style. All the blogs are available in the public domain hence all visitors shopping for jewelry, shoes, bags and clothing are welcomed to visit our site and view the products featured on the site.
Our Goal
Our mission is to act as a catalyst of fashion blogging and to cultivate the interest of individuals to share their thoughts, ideas and experience as well as make extra money.
Blog Content

  • Topics- Guest bloggers are advised to blog on topics relevant to the fashion and jewelry niche. The topics must be well thought out and must not be too obvious or over used in other blogs on the internet. We understand that some posts will overlap to cover personal experiences, trending fashion styles, art and design, modelling and latest news in the fashion industry.
  • Title- Eye catching titles in mostly trending fashion topics is a perfect fit. We need high quality well thought titles with a capability of attracting the attention of the readers. The titles should be short and simple, preferably no more than ten words.
  • Originality and uniqueness- All the blog posts MUST be original and contain unique content. The posts cannot have been published anywhere and cannot be republished. All the contents will be checked through Copyscape to ensure that they are original and that No SPUN Content escapes to the blogosphere.
  • The design, style and tone- The contents should be written in a conversational tone with an interesting perspective on fashion and its various influences. The tone should depict a true picture of a fashion star expressing himself/herself in a subject of interest.
  • Word count- We do not have a maximum word count for a blog post. We decree the freedom of expression to all the guest bloggers to adequately exhaust their topics of interest. However, we prefer the minimum word count for each blog to be 500 words.

Formatting Rules and Policies
Posts should be concise and succinct with at least two short paragraphs of text. Posts should not be too text heavy.

Quality of requirements

  • All the blog posts must be original content written by the submitter.
  • All the blog post should have no grammatical, spelling and sentence structure errors.

Image Requirements

  • Images of high quality and high resolution are required for each post.
  • The images used must be directly affiliated to the subject matter and not portray information in contrary to the information in the content.
  • All images must be either licensed by the guest blogger or attributed to the site from which they are retrieved. If the pictures are the blogger’s own, then they may credit themselves in the captions.

Link Requirements and Policies
Guest bloggers are allowed to link back to their personal blogs under the following conditions:

  • The link is very relevant.
  • The link does not point to the home page of their blog/ website but to the relevant

Links should be made from content/ article to article if navigating through different websites to make it easier for the readers to access the relevant texts. Links MUST NOT be created from Home page to landing page and vice versa.
Post submission Process
Please submit your posts directly to our website by signing up for an account at
The blog management team reserves all the rights to proofread and edit your blog posts as we see fit.
Republication– Submitted post must not be posted anywhere and there must not be a duplication of the posts.