Then comes the day you need to engage yourself in a hike to the hills or a team building activity with colleagues from the office. You know what they say about all work and no play. So you rock your active wear and pack a small umbrella, an extra pair of sneakers or sandals (for when the blisters hit), a jacket and all the other equipment you’ll need in the course of your laborious day/weekend.

If the next thing you reach for is your handbag to put all these things, then we need to have a talk.


This is a must-have if you’re planning on carrying items that would otherwise give you shoulder and back cramps. Backpacks are specially designed for just this purpose. Over the years, modifications have been effected on the backpacks to make them even better suited for their job. While the shoulder straps stabilize the contents of the backpack and distribute the weight evenly, there are also additional hip straps that are padded on which most of the weight is offloaded.


This, in essence, means that where you’d be exhausted and suffering cramps with ordinary bags, the backpack has you covered.The aesthetic appeal of the backpack has come a long way too. Designers are not oblivious to the fact that while all backpacks serve the same purpose, something has to stand out with your brand of backpacks. This is good news for us!  The fabric used for their making has also evolved over the years. Designers are now using fabric that will be resistant to solar degradation. When you’re out shopping for a backpack, it is also very important that you opt for a backpack made out of durable fabric, especially in light of the load you intend to carry. In addition to this, the tear strength of the fabric in relation to its resistance to tear up even more after one tear already exists is a key factor when it comes to fabric.


That said, what back fabric should you go for? The tougher the better, and you might, therefore, want to purchase a Cordura nylon backpack. This is very tough and is ideal for heavy-duty equipment or luggage.

If you’re not overly concerned with water resistance and are much more concerned with functionality and style, cotton canvas is your best bet. For the water-resistant type, treated nylon is the fabric to go for. If you want a fabric that covers all these as well as the tear-strength factor, rip-stop nylon is the answer to your needs. This will be waterproof and also stop ripping of the fabric.

There is a wide array of colors to choose from as well as patterns and other gorgeous statements, so that your backpack doesn’t have to be a dull bore.