We can’t entirely depend on killer outfits, jewelry, and cosmetics to make us feel good through the seasons. Some of our confidence has to come from how we look divested of all those adorning elements. And so we have to exercise: the occasional run, valuable minutes on the treadmill and the toning machines we all love so much. Well, maybe not the machines but the beautiful results.

Are you wondering how to like your workout session or the sports day at work/college? The answer is simple. Look good for it! Yes, there are specific outfits for sports- active wear that can go a long way in achieving that. Amazing, right?


Activewear includes footwear, worn for physical exercise or sport in general. This kind of clothing is worn for most sports and physical exercise, for practical, comfort or safety reasons, because best believe this; you need all the comfort you can get when engaging in sports or exercise.

Your usual sport-specific garments include Polo shirts, t-shirts, shorts, track suits and tennis shirts, for the tennis lovers. Please be careful not to confuse the Polo shirt with the Polo neck and show up at the tennis court looking less than ready to score a few sets. In keeping with this clarification note that Polo shirts are usually made of knitted cloth and not the regular woven cloth. They’re also ordinarily pique cotton or, in more seldom instances, silk, merino wool, or synthetic fibers.


Still within these sport-specific garments is the specialized gear including wetsuits made specifically for swimming, diving or surfing. There are also the ski suits for the skiing fans and the ever colorful leotards for the equally vivacious gymnasts. Activewear does include trainers as well as some underwear, such as the jockstrap and the ever handy sports bra.

Then comes the exciting part; activewear doesn’t have to be boring and dull, so you can release your breath. The good news is that it comes in all shades of colorful and exciting. This is because fashion designers have recognized the “crossover” between exercise and fashion. Activewear has become a popular statement in the casual fashion line. This looks syncs flawlessly with the overall trend in modern fashion that tends to lean towards the most casual style of dress.


So popular is this groovy style that a new trendy concept has spawned from it; athleisure. This chic and stylish trend emerged when yoga pants and leggings being worn leisurely became a commonplace look. Here, outfits designed for workouts and other athletic activities are worn in other more casual and social settings.

The designers of these outfits will usually use nifty dashes of brightly-colored fabric against a dark background. This is a most versatile and chic look that will work perfectly for convenience as well as style. Could you possibly think of anything better than leaving class and passing by the gym without having to carry extra gym clothes?  Activewear is your evening fashion cum fitness panacea.